Thursday, 31 March 2011


No DnB today blogger crew. I had a migraine earlier in the day and still cant listen to anything loud. 

In case you dont suffer from or have never had a migraine let me tell you how much it sucks. It stars by your vision going a bit strange, almost like you're half awake and dreamy or something, perspective starts to go out and thats normally around the time my hand starts to go numb.

Give or take another half hour and half my face will be numb, my tongue will be useless and I will be jumbling my words. The wost bit is my vision. Normally I will get a black dot in the middle of my vision which slowly gets bigger and bigger until I cant see but today it was the tunnel vision, my vision slowly closed from the outside.

So from about an hour since my vision first starts to go am I now totally useless, I cant see, speak or move much, now is normaly about the time the PAIN starts. Its like someone's driven a nail into my head any any stimulus such as light or sound just makes my head expolde and colours fly all over my vision.

Yeah migraines suck, today sucked and they will contiune to suck I'm sure.

Back tomorrow with some banging tunes for you all

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Loadstar - Link To The Past

Yes Blogging Crew!

Big tune lined up today, Loadstar with 'Link To The Past' 

Now although this tune isn't really very new I'm still pulling it and playing it when ever I can, it starts off nice and soft, slowly builds for the drop and man, does it D.R.O.P.

Phat bassline that jumps out and near enough rips your ears off!

And dont forget, anyone Based in London, 103.20 on your FM radio tonight from 10pm!
Myself and Co rinsing the airwaves - Pressure FM 103.2 Keeep it Looocked.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

SPY - By My Side

Easy blogger crew!

So I got a personal fav for you today, great tune from the onle like S.P.Y. If you liked my Smote post you're gonna love this. 

SPY has been smashing it up left and right recently, hes got tones of styles and a release list as long as my arm.

Hope you're feelng this one becuase I know I am!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Tyke & Recipe - The Music Makers

Ok another top track here, this one from the ones like, Tyke and Recipe. Track entitled The Music Makers. I've been rinsing this tune all over the place and playing when ever I can. Its quite different from Tykes normal rude boy jump up and I love it!

Whats the verdict on this one then blogger crew?!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Smote - My World

Oh wow! Downloaded Smotes Ep this week - this is the opening tune and its just stunning. 

Panio liquid at its absoulte finest. Check this out!

Such grace from a supurb producer. You can grab Smote on Beatport or at his soundcloud -

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Dabs - Some Nights

 You know what? I'm really enjoying blogging. I came to blogging thinking no one would read my blog and I wouldn't find any interesting blogs but so far its been blowing my mind!

I've seen some amazing pictures, heard some awesome music that I would have never come across unless I was blogging and I'm following some fantastic blogs with interesting and thought provoking content. I'm going to go out today and try some new things I've read about and I'm even going to cook some bacon this afternoon for lunch as I saw a fantastic recipe for a sandwich and also make a cocktail I saw on another blog! Thanks to all my followers, I'm glad you've found my blog interesting enough to comment and follow.

Anyway, enough rambling - on with the music!

So I came across this today, its a new release from the Italian producer Dabs. Its very different to my previous blogs in as much as its melodic with a heavy liquid baseline. 

Check this one out - I'm looking forward to bringing you all some more of this laid back DnB

 Oh and one last thing! If you happen to be a Londoner, check out 103.20 on your FM dial tonight from 10pm, you'll have myself and friends rolling out some phat drum and bass. 

Strictly Pirate Fm radio so no web feed for anyone else intrested i'm afraid.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Massive roller by the one and only Sub Zero! 
Really feeling this one, its got such a nice roll to it, could march across the counrty listening to this one

Thursday, 24 March 2011

TC - Tap Ho

Woah! So the big man returns. He's been MIA for the past couple of years but hes back and check this smasher! 

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Jade - Pulp Friction

Pulp friction by Jade, spotted this by accident on Beatport - check this out !